Clever Earth Day DIY Crafts!

At Trinitas Cellars, we believe that sustainability is more than just a buzzword – it’s a way of life. This Earth Day, we want to share some creative and sustainable DIY projects you can try at home using wine bottles.


Photo of flowers in empty wine bottles Idea #1 – Wine Vase

Looking for a unique and sustainable way to display your favorite flowers? Repurpose an empty bottle of Our Lady of Guadalupe or Chardonnay as a beautiful and unconventional vase. Our wine bottles offer both classic and modern designs, making them perfect conversation pieces for any home. Remove the label for a minimalist look that complements any decor. For more design options, use a special cutter to remove the neck of the bottle and create a wider opening for larger arrangements.


Idea #2 – DIY LED Light Lamp

Create your own wine bottle LED lamp with a short string of LED lights and a standard glass bottle. Insert the LED lights into the bottle and arrange them to your liking. Using a battery-operated light string allows you to place the bottle light anywhere, regardless of nearby outlet access.


Idea #3 – Water Service at Your Next Dinner Party

Give your dinner party decor a sustainable and budget-friendly touch by using your empty Trinitas wine bottles as water pitchers. Clean and remove the labels for stylish and functional vessels that won’t detract from your tablescape. These bottles have a small footprint, allowing you to place multiple pitchers on the table for easy access by your guests.


Idea #4 – Wine Bottle Candle HoldersCandles placed in empty wine bottles

Transform your wine bottles into stunning centerpieces that will impress your dinner guests. Use a bottle cutter to carefully remove the bottom of the wine bottle. Then, place a mid-sized candle on a small plate or coaster, and position the bottle on top for a beautiful, glowing effect. Alternatively, insert taper candles into the neck of the wine bottle for a simpler but equally striking look.


By repurposing your wine bottles, you can reduce waste and create beautiful, sustainable pieces for your home. Join us in our commitment to sustainability and try one of these fun DIY projects today!

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