Copy of Catholic Wines from Napa

Founded in 2002, Trinitas Cellars emerged from the deeply rooted religious convictions of the Busch Family. They firmly believed that the potent combination of family, faith, and unwavering perseverance could surmount any obstacle. These core Catholic principles have not only guided them to triumph in the realm of world-class resort hospitality, but have also been instrumental in establishing a Catholic winery that brings joy and indelible memories to the hearts of others.

Trinitas Cellars embodies the aspirations of our Catholic family's second generation, aiming to evoke similar inspiration among wine enthusiasts who share a steadfast Christian faith. As a renowned producer of Napa Valley wines, we meticulously craft each blend in homage to the essential trinity of winemaking: the sun that nurtures the vines, the soil that imparts its distinct character, and the human touch that transforms grapes into artful creations. We hope our Catholic-inspired wines capture your heart with both exceptional flavor and remarkable value.


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